My Journey from the UK to Australia

In 2006, I decided to move from the UK to Australia. I had qualified as a dentist in 2002 and had completed my post-graduate training. With several years’ experience in general dentistry, the timing was ideal.

The decision to leave behind the cold, damp winters and uncertain summers was easy; I was born in South Africa, and I love the warm weather and sunshine. After travelling extensively, I knew that Australia’s diverse environment, natural beauty and multicultural society made it the perfect country in which to put down roots.  My wife is from Sydney, so there was never any doubt that we would settle here and raise our family.

Since moving here, I have developed personally and professionally, meeting people from different communities that have enriched my life, either educationally, spiritually, or socially. Australia is the country I am proud to call my home, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. It is probably the only country where you can experience lush tropical forests, desert, snow and warm sandy beaches.  With so much to do, my children are never bored! I may call Australia home but I will always remain an avid Manchester City and Juventus fan. Some things never change.