Summer is Coming, and It’s Time to Brighten Your Smile

Summer is nearly here, and it is a time when many of us look forward to family holidays, weddings and making the most of the sunshine. You might have already planned your summer wardrobe, but is your smile its gleaming best? If your teeth could use a little help, a tooth whitening treatment could be just the thing. In our practice, we use POLA advanced tooth whitening systems, endorsed by Miss Universe Australia. Choose from 3 different whitening systems or a combination to suit your individual needs.

  1. In-chair POLA whitening requires a single visit to the dentist to achieve whiter teeth. It is the most convenient way to achieve a brighter smile while protecting your teeth and gums. Prior to whitening, a barrier is applied to protect your gums. Then a thin layer of professional-grade whitening gel is applied to your teeth which is immediately activated to initiate the whitening process. Following, the whitening gel is cleared away and you are left with a brighter whiter smile!
  2. POLA custom take-home whitening system allows you to whiten in the privacy of your own home. POLA custom take-home kit includes trays made to fit precisely over your teeth so the whitening gel is in maximum contact with your teeth and minimal contact with gums. The professional-grade whitening gels are safe for home use and the tray is worn daily to achieve whiter teeth. Take-home kits and trays can also be used periodically to refresh your whitened teeth.
  3. POLA Luminate is a quick and easy professional brush-on teeth whitener system. There is no need for trays, after a consult to explain the technique, you walk away with an on the move brush on system to suit your needs. It is a great touch up procedure for patients who want to maintain previously whitened teeth.