Our Practice

Benefit from Up-To-Date Technologies

We want our patients to benefit from the best technologies available, and all our equipment is meticulously maintained to the highest standards. Using the latest technologies allows us to detect and diagnose problems more quickly, comfortably and safely. Our specialised equipment includes:

• Intra-oral camera
• Digital x-rays
• In-house OPG
• Cone beam CT scanner
• Dental laser for treating hard and soft tissues
• Microscope
• Healozone
• Sand blaster and micro-etcher

What Is an Intra-oral Camera?

An intra-oral camera is a small handheld device that takes high-resolution images inside your mouth, viewable on the treatment room screen. We can magnify these images to identify any areas of concern. These images allow us to explain any problems more easily, such as a tooth that needs a filling. We can show you the restoration once completed so that you can see the benefits of treatment more easily.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are very safe, emitting only low levels of radiation. The images are instantly viewable on the screen in our treatment room, allowing our dentist to make a quick diagnosis, and of course, we can explain these images to you more easily.

In-house OPG

Usually, we only need to take an x-ray of one or two teeth, but an orthopantomogram (OPG) takes a digital x-ray of your upper and lower jaws, showing all your teeth, including those yet to erupt and your jaw joints. An OPG provides us with a good overview of your general dental health and helps us diagnose other problems, such as issues affecting your wisdom teeth or jaw joints or while planning orthodontic treatment.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

A cone beam CT scan provides a 3-D digital x-ray of your mouth which is invaluable when planning dental implant treatment and other more advanced procedures. The scan is very safe and allows our dentist to view your mouth from any angle, which is extremely useful when deciding where an implant should be situated.

Dental Laser

Laser dentistry is used to treat a number of issues affecting your teeth, the bone around them, your gums and other soft tissues in your mouth. Our advanced dental laser treats both hard and soft tissues. Treatment is quieter than a dental drill and more comfortable with fewer side effects, so healing is faster and smoother.


We use a microscope to examine a tooth or tissues more closely, for example, during root canal treatment. Using a higher magnification ensures we can remove all damaged and diseased tissues more effectively, resulting in a better treatment outcome for our patients.


Healozone is a painless treatment to help prevent the spread of tooth decay. Instead of drilling the tooth to remove the decay, Healozone uses ozone to kill harmful bacteria. It is a very gentle yet effective treatment, and once the bacteria are killed, we can apply a substance to help reharden the damaged area. Treatment can help anyone with a fear of the dental drill, and often no anaesthesia is needed, and it is good for children and adults. If the tooth has significant decay, it will still need a filling to protect it and prevent further re-infection.

Sand Blaster and Micro-etcher

Sand blaster and micro-etcher cleans the tooth surface or restoration to provide a much stronger bond to the tooth with very minimal tooth loss, thus preventing further weakening of the tooth.

Infection Control

The entire dental team at Smile Inn follow the very strictest infection control procedures, protecting you and our staff. We have strict protocols to ensure all the equipment and treatment rooms are properly disinfected and sterilised. We use single-use, disposable tools whenever possible, but otherwise reusable tools are sterilised using extremely high temperatures to remove any contamination. Once sterilised, they are packed and stored correctly until needed.