Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?

One of the most memorable milestones is when your baby gets that precious first tooth, and although these teeth aren’t permanent, they have an important role in your child’s health and development. Baby teeth have thinner enamel and are softer than adult teeth, making them more prone to cavities. Therefore, they must be cared for properly until these baby or primary teeth are ready to fall out naturally to make room for your child’s permanent adult teeth.

Why Baby Teeth Are Important

Baby teeth help your child learn to speak clearly, so they can start communicating with others more effectively. They also allow your child to begin eating a greater range of foods. These include foods that are important for their health and development. Also, when a child has healthy baby teeth, they can chew comfortably, which helps strengthen their jaws and facial muscles. Finally, baby teeth act as placeholders, ensuring the right amount of room is held open for adult teeth to erupt. When they are lost too soon, adjacent teeth can drift into the spaces so that when adult teeth try to erupt, they come through overcrowded and crooked and could require orthodontics to straighten them up.